Homesĭtē Exchanges (Clothing & Recipe) continue

Homesĭtē Exchanges (Clothing & Recipe) continue
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Friday, October 9, 2009

Our Craigslist Event posting:

Be A Part of Art "Homesite Clothing Exchange" 600 Moulton, Studio 301, The Brewery,  Lincoln Heights, LA 90031

Artists invite the Public to continue their participation in their art project entitled HOMESITE. “HOMESITE CLOTHING EXCHANGE” will be initiated during one weekend only at the BREWERY (‘worlds largest art complex’) as part of the BREWERY FALL ARTWALK October 24 - 25.
HOMESITE (pronounced Home-site or Home-City), is the multifaceted interdisciplinary art installation conceived of in 1990 by artists Joyce Dallal and Lauren M. Kasmer investigating the city of Los Angeles, it’s history and environment, as home. Public participation has always played a key role in the art project.  The HOMESITE Art installation made its’ debut at the Westside Pavilion in July 1992, in one of malls’ non-occupied retail storefront windows, it continued to be displayed, ever growing and changing, in primarily non traditional spaces, countywide, spanning San Pedro to Woodland Hills, until it was last exhibited at the Japanese- American Museum in 1998.
In anticipation of HOMESITE’s 20th anniversary and the inclusion of the historical artwork in the “Actions, Conversations, and Intersections” exhibition, at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery at Barnsdall in January 2010, two new public participatory projects will expand the art installation.
The first,  "HOMESITE CLOTHING EXCHANGE" will begin during the Brewery 2009 Fall Artwalk. The public is invited to bring an article of clothing they no longer want, outgrew, never liked, or just want to have immortalized. Tell the story of your contribution. Exchange it for another item donated by another participant or by local businesses like the MODAC Museum of Fashion Designers and Creators and know that your exchange will be documented and eventually become part of the HOMESITE multifaceted interdisciplinary art installation. 

note: This is a free event. Your participation is encouraged for this non profit art project. Any “contribution” not used in the exchange October 24-25 will be donated to a local ( Lincoln Heights ) charitable organization.