Homesĭtē Exchanges (Clothing & Recipe) continue

Homesĭtē Exchanges (Clothing & Recipe) continue
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Saturday, July 30, 2011

LMK Armour performances starting Saturday July 30,2011

HOMESITE is a Participatory Art Project by Joyce Dallal and Lauren M. Kasmer The original 90's installation may be retired but Lauren Michele Kasmer (aka LMK) continues the formerly Homesite now LMK CLOTHING EXCHANGES and the LMK RECIPE EXCHANGES that she initiated in 2009.

Lauren & Joyce both have personal artworks in the Chain Letter Exhibition on view through August 23, 2011

Chain Letter (curated by Christian Cummings & Doug Harvey)

Shoshana Wayne Gallery,

Bergamot Station

2525 Michigan Avenue

Santa Monica 90404

LMK Armour @ Chain Letter

artwork elements and spontaneous performances , Item 579,

near the front near entrancein the auxillary Gallery Building D2